The Coming of the Years
The Coming of the Years

The Coming of the Years

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The Coming of the Years is an album centered around songs Joe Jencks wrote while on tour in Ireland over a 12-year period.  This album emerges as a synergistic blend of Jencks' Irish and Celtic heritage with themes of immigration  spanning multiple generations.  As a dual U.S./Irish citizen, Jencks has been swimming in these waters musically and personally for decades.  The Coming of the Years is a deep musical exploration of identity and place, carried forward by beautiful melodies, expressive vocals and rich lyric narrative.

Track List: 

1. On Eireann's Shore

2. Caledonia

3. The Coming of the Years

4. Letter Home, 1914

5. When the Moon Rises Over Skibbereen

6. When A Man's In Love

7. IN the Shadow of Your Ghost

8. City of Chicago

9. Winnipeg, 1919

10. The Minstrel Boy

11. Can You Blame the Poor Miner

12. Mother of My Heart

13. This is My Song


Joe Jencks: Vocals, Electric Bouzouki, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Bouzouki
Hanz Araki: Flutes & Whistles
Lissa Schneckenburger: Fiddle
Shannon Lambert-Ryan: Harmony Vocals
John Roberts: English Concertina
Cheryl Prashker: Bodhran & Snare

Recorded by: Joe Jencks - Sanctuary Studio, DeKalb, IL
Additional tracks recorded on location in ME, VT, MD and NY by: Joe Jencks
Additional tracks recorded on location by: Fionán de Barra and Cheryl Prashker


Mixed by: Charlie Pilzer – Tonal Park, Takoma Park, MD
Mastered by: Randy LeRoy – Tonal Park, Takoma Park, MD

Graphic Design: Tony Wedick
Primary Photography: Bunny Moreau
Photo & Art Consulting: Jayne Toohey
Ireland Photography: Joe Jencks
Duplication: Andrew Ratshin, NW Disks
Tour Support, PR, Media & Radio: Anna Ratliff

Produced by: Joe Jencks

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