The Candle and The Flame
The Candle and The Flame

The Candle and The Flame

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The Candle And The Flame combines the many facets of Joe Jencks' diverse musical background and weaves them all together into an aural tapestry that is stark and exquisite. Joe sings with the passion of an R & B/Gospel singer, the knowledge of a classical vocalist, the soul of an Irish Tenor, and the conscience of a troubadour. At the center of Joe's music is an abiding love for all humanity, a love that transcends the everyday and boarders on the mystical.

Joe's vocal performances are unparalleled, and a stellar cast of supporting musicians contributes to make the recording an exceptional piece of work from start to finish. Guests include: Jon Carroll (Mary Chapin Carpenter's pianist) keyboards, Pat Wictor on slide guitars, Siobhan Quinn on backing vocals, Jim Robeson on electric bass, Charlie Pilzer on upright bass, Bob Beach on harmonica, Charlie Bernhardt, and the Jencks Family on vocals.

Track List:
  1. Flame In The Darkness
  2. The Sweetest of Rose
  3. Come With Me
  4. The Ballad of JeShawn
  5. The Candle And The Flame
  6. The Turtle
  7. Gasoline
  8. Adonde Pertenezco
  9. For What It's Worth
  10. All The Pieces
  11. Tikun Olam
  12. Lonely Common Ground
  13. All About Love

Guests include:
Jon Carroll (Mary Chapin Carpenter's pianist) on keyboards
Pat Wictor on slide guitars
Siobhan Quinn on backing vocals
Jim Robeson on electric bass
Charlie Pilzer on upright bass
Bob Beach on harmonica
Charlie Bernhardt on vocals
The Jencks Family on vocals

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